Monday, May 27, 2013

Organic Fertilizer Formula

Using the original Square Foot Gardening as a reference, I mixed a batch of organic fertilizer.

The ingredients were:

  1. Blood meal
  2. Bone meal
  3. Wood ash

Measure one part, by volume, each blood and bone meals with two parts wood ash.

Small quantities of blood and bone meals were purchased at a home improvement store. The wood ash was supplied by my neighbor who uses a wood stove to supplement the heating of his house.

I was given the wood ash in a plastic waste can liner a few weeks ago. It was placed under cover on my patio near the raised beds. It rained several days since. Needless to say, the ash was wet when I was ready to mix the fertilizer.

Using a kitchen strainer, I sifted large pieces out of the wet ashes.  Then the wet ash was poured into the mug to measure. Since the ash was wet, I figured there was a significant amount of water in the mug along with the ash. Compensating for the water, I increased the amount of ash by 50% to three measures.

Once all the elements were blended, they were placed into a large kitchen pan which which was then placed in the sun. The fertilizer will be much easier to handle once the sun dries the mixture.

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