Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Valley Forge National Park Photo Survey

History has always interested me, even though I never received good grades in history classes. Living in and near Philadelphia all my life, I have never been far from US history. Back in 1990 I considered moving to State College, PA to purchase a photography studio. I had severe historic separation anxiety. I never made the purchase nor the move. 

Today, I live about 8miles/13km from Valley Forge National Historical Park and I have never seriously explored the park. So I decided to do a photo survey of the buildings and landscape of the historic place. This very land where, over two hundred years ago, the ragtag citizen soldiers of a new nation suffered through harsh cold weather with very little food to be drilled into a trained Continental Army that defeated the well trained professional British Army and became an independent nation.

The park is large, 3,500 acres / 1400 ha. At least large by east coast standards. Valley Forge Park started as a state park. In 1976, with the bicentennial celebration of the Declaration of Independence looming, Pennsylvania gifted the park to the nation. 

There are many scenes to photograph. I have composed a few images in Valley Forge Park over the years.

At different seasons.

If possible I would like to photograph each scene in every season, at different times of the day (think Claude Monet and the Rouen Cathedral). This will be a long term project.

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