Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drip Irrigation System Alteration

The initial installation of the drip irrigation system had one major drawback that needed to be altered.

The supply line bridged from one raised bed to the other about 10.5"/27cm above the ground. In order to walk between the beds I had to climb over the supply line. That created a tripping hazard. A hazard I didn't want to deal with day in and day out.

To rectify the situation I purchased 6-90ยบ elbows to route the supply line down the face of the frame, across the ground, back up the adjacent frame and again down the opposite side of the second frame, continuing across the ground to the faucet.

Another project will be to get some wood chips from the township woodchip pile to cover the landscape cloth. That is, after I remove all the seeds that have fluttered down from the nuisance Norway maple trees. I am not sure which has a better survival instinct, the maples or dandelions

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