Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ukraine to Overtake Russia

At this time, there is no denying a great deal of tension exists between Russia and Ukraine. Russia took the Crimea from Ukraine. Now Russia is invading southeastern Ukraine. (Somehow, I think vodka is somehow involved.) However, here on my blog, Ukraine is on the verge of overtaking Russia. In an event as inconsequential as number of page views, but overtake nonetheless.

My understanding is that my ethnic heritage is of Ukrainian, Byelorus or Russian and Galician, a pre-WWII country west of the Russian Empire, east of Germany, north of Kingdom of Hungary and south of Poland, currently part of Ukraine. Does that mean my blog is being visited by Ukrainians because they know of my ethnic heritage? Or are Ukrainians visiting to read about my gardening techniques? It could be the fact that the Oaks Shopping Center is near completion? Whatever the reason, Ukrainians have recently been visiting my blog in considerable numbers.

At the beginning of 2014, Ukrainian visits were behind Chinese visits. Not now. Ukrainian visits have increased significantly since the Crimea situation. So much so that China is near half the visits of Ukraine. 

Slow down a second here and wait for it.

Here it is. The big news.

Ukraine is just two visits from overtaking Russian visits to my blog.

Not earth shattering, I will admit. On the global level, it may even be a tiny accomplishment. No, a minuscule accomplishment. However, no matter how infinitesimal an accomplishment it may seem, I am sure at this point in time, the Ukrainians will take the win.

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