Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of Spring 2012

Spring arrived today.  The Sun crossed the celestial equator at 01:14 EDT/ 05:14 GMT, Vernal Equinox.  Spring has sprung.

The birds have returned in noisy numbers.  Plants are greening and blooming.  This first day of spring, I marveled at the wonders of life, on my small piece of Earth.
Lesser celandine - Pilewart - Scharbockskraut - Ranunculus ficaria
Narcissus and Muscari - Tete-a Tete and Grape Hyacinths

Mini daffodil and Muscari
Patch at the bottom of my driveway near the road
Dandelion Flower Amidst Other Weeds in My Lawn

Norway Maple Seeds Forming
Salvia Officinalis - Common Sage

Ponder what life would be
If Earth were different
In the smallest degree

©Damyon T. Verbo - all rights reserved

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