Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Streets of London

Monday afternoon, soon after my arrival, my wife, daughter and son decided to venture out on the streets of London; bad ankle and all.  We took the same route to Hackney Wick station my wife and son took the day of her fall.  We made a stop at the site of the accident.  They showed me where and described how the fall unfolded.  I am not sure if it was actually a street or part of a driveway, in either case, the raised bit of blacktop was no larger than my footprint and projected all of two inches above the surface.  It was easily overlooked.

My wife was already feeling discomfort and proceeded slowly to the station.  Our venture required westbound travel on the Overground.  We walked under the bridge and up a long ramp of two or three switchbacks to the platform.  We were headed to a Pizza Express for lunch.
My daughter has a Taste Card in which card holders pay half price or get two meals for the price of one at participating restaurants.  
My son could eat pizza everyday of the week and my daughter is a vegetarian.  All three of these facts were considerations in choosing Pizza Express.  The food and service were OK, once I got help decoding the menu.

After leaving Pizza Express we were back in the tube to visit Harrod's.  We only explored part of the first floor in Harrod's, mainly the food area.
Reminded me of the Reading Terminal Farmer's Market except classier.
Source:Assembly of International Students
Several hours had elapsed since lunch and we decided it might be nice to say we had dessert at Harrod's.
The menu descriptions sounded divine.  Each of us had a drink and a dessert.  The cost was twice that of lunch; close to $80.00.  I am glad I at least have a photograph to remind me of the experience.    About the food, somethings are better left unsaid.

By the time we left Harrod's, my wife wanted to go back to the apartment to elevate her foot.  It took some time but after asking several pedestrians, we figured out how to take a bus back.  
Public Transportation is Amazing on the Streets of London

My daughter told us the name of the bus stop and off we were on the 38 to Hackney Central where we would change buses to the 276 toward Newham University Hospital.  The bus stopped right at the entrance to the courtyard of the apartment complex.  The foot was up and the TV on in less than ten minutes.  We were off the streets of London by 8pm.

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