Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our London Digs

Monday morning after a long BA flight, two and a half hours in Heathrow Airport and another hour and a half on the London Underground and Overground, I arrived on at my daughter's apartment.
Hackney Wick and the 2012 Olympic Village Construction Site
The apartment has two levels.  Just inside the entry door is a closet under the stairs where the water heater resides.  In London the weather is damp and the temperature not so warm.   This closet is utilized as a passive laundry dryer.  On the same side of the hall are the stairs leading up to the second level.  Opposite the entry door, at the other end of this short hall, is a bedroom.  Up five or six steps is a landing.  Turn 180ยบ to the right then up six or seven stairs to a hall.  Turn right and past the railing guarding the stairwell, is the bath.  Straight ahead is the second smaller bedroom.  
An example of the kitchen in her complex minus the porthole
Turn left off the stairs and on your left is a tight, two ass, C-shaped kitchen.  
An example of the living room in her complex minus the porthole
Beyond that the dining table, leading into the living room.  At the far end of the living room is glass door that opens in, flanked by two windows.  There is a metal railing across the outside of the door for safety.

The window overlooks the Hertford Union Canal that is still traveled by house boats and a bit of commercial traffic.  On the other side of the canal is the 2012 Olympic village construction site.  Between the canal traffic and the construction there is always something at which to look.

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