Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Infusing Vodka

I caught part of a radio broadcast the other day, The Dinner Party on my NPR affiliate, WHYY-FM.  On this show was talk of the best non-Polish vodka available in the US and infusing vodka.  After going online and listening to the whole broadcast, I decided I wanted to infuse this potato vodka distilled right here in Pennsylvania.

The infusions they spoke of that intrigued me most were bacon and blue cheese.  I like both bacon and blue cheese.  I thought if I have bacon vodka and blue cheese vodka I could have a balanced meal with just two shots.  I went to the PLCB site to search for Boyd and Blair vodka, the aforementioned best non-Polish potato vodka available in the US.  The results were that all my local state stores should stock the 80 proof Boyd and Blair.  Since there are four state stores nearby, I figured there was a good chance one of them would have a bottle.  I then concentrated on finding some good blue cheese and bacon. 
There are no cheese shops near my home.  The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop is in my old neighborhood about 12 miles and half an hour away.  Just a bit too far.  I went to Wegmans supermarket in Collegeville, they have the best variety of cheeses compared to any other local supermarket.  I purchased some Spanish blue cheese and a pound of bacon.  I stopped in the Collegeville state store and bought a 750ml bottle of Boyd and Blair 80 proof vodka.  I now had the ingredients to infuse.

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