Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sightseeing in London - British Museum

Tuesday, we planned our sightseeing around another restaurant.  This time the restaurant offered a buy one meal get the second meal of equal or lesser price, free.  The location of the restaurant was very close to the British Museum.  Guess were we went before lunch?

We entered the grand court and found some folding stools that could be carried through the museum.  My wife sat as my daughter talked of the Rosetta Stone on the far side of the lobby.  Seeing the dramatic architecture, I stood up and wander through the crowd to find some images to capture.  I had captured a few images and walked back to where I left my family.  No one there.  I pivoted from left to right.  I saw no one.  Well, I mean of my family.  Not even my 6'4" son, who should have been easy to pick out in a crowd.  The lobby was packed with students, parents and other tourists making it difficult to pick out my family, even my tall son.  So I started out on my own.  I thought they mentioned the Egyptian room, so off I went to find it. 

I wandered through the Egyptian rooms fighting the crowds and exited near the restaurant at the top of the cylindrical structure in the center of the grand court.  
I captured a few more images and began to walk down the ramp on the right side of the grand court, still looking for good images.
Near the center of the ramp I heard a familiar voice.  There again in the place I left my family, they sat.  My wife's foot hurt.  She was uncomfortable.  She was not happy with my disappearing act.  We decided to eat lunch.
Taste Card

Again, using the Taste Card, we climbed down the steps to the quaint Tea and Tattle.  Traditional Tea for Two costs £23.00 list.  That is close to $35.00 at half price just $17.50.  I settled for a sandwich and desert with a cup of tea.  Sandwiches in London are what I would call skimpy, the prices, however, are not.  Two pieces of bread with one slice each of cheese and meat.  
Primo Hoagies

A hoagie, it was not.

We ventured out onto the streets again after lunch.  My wife's foot really hurt.  She wasn't able to walk 100 yds without stopping to take the weight off the foot.  The two of us split once again from the kids and made our way back to the apartment.  The day out was over for us.

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