Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woman Equality - Shirtless in Public

I am in pre-production for a personal/editorial photography project.  Here it is in a nut shell-

Women do not have the same rights as men when it comes to being shirtless in public, at least, here in the USA.  My project is to photograph women, not just glamour models, in situations in which you might normally see a man shirtless.  For example, nailing shingles on a roof.  I am also planning to place my project on the website where I hope to raise the funding I need to complete the project.  My project has already been pre-approved by the website.  Currently, I am working out a budget and contacting people for locations and getting pricing for props.  Once I have a budget and gotten some preliminary commitments from models, photography assistants and such, I will put my project on Kickstarter.  Once the project is posted, I will have a limited time to get pledged support.  If the project is fully funded, I will get the money.  If it is not fully funded, the project will either need to be reworked and posted on the site again or it is history.  I plan on having all the photography completed before the weather gets unbearable to pose shirtless outdoors.  I also hope to have for sale calendars and magazine type publications available for Christmas 2011.

I will keep you abreast here of my progress.  I am excited to say the least.

TopFree Equal Rights Association

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