Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stock Photography

For years, I have been thinking of producing stock photography.  I looked into an agency when they still took transparencies.  All of the agencies wanted at least 1,000 images.  I never thought I could get that many images together.  I never did get into stock.

I always thought I would have a photography studio with portraits, weddings(not so much), model portfolios, architectural with some travel photojournalism thrown in.  I figured I would set one day per month aside to photograph people for stock.  None of the above has come to pass.  I photographed some of all of that, but not full time professionally.

Currently, I am following a stock photographer's blog.  It has opened my eyes to the reality of stock.  Tom Grill has been teaching fellow photographers how to create marketable stock photographs.  I recommend following Tom Grill here The Daily Stock Shot Project.

You may need to add some equipment to get down to serious work but it will be educational and possibly rewarding.

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