Friday, July 15, 2011

Photographic Point of View

When preparing to capture an image with a film or digital camera you should think about where you will place the camera to capture the best point of view.  Before placing the camera to your eye look at several points of view.  Stoop and look up, walk closer, walk farther away, move to the right, left and maybe even climb an object before you place the camera to your eye.  I remember visiting tourist areas in the US where there would be a placard installed by Kodak that advised you where to stand and in which direction to point your camera to get that great image, that Kodak moment.  Think of all the tourists that did just that and how many of the virtually same images there are in boxes all over the world.

I have a suggestion.  Give yourself a project to photograph one object from many points of view.  Say the tallest building in your area.  For near one hundred years, the tallest building in Philadelphia was City Hall.  It was built in the late nineteenth century and was the tallest building in the world from 1901-1908.  There was a gentleman's agreement that no building should be taller than City Hall.  In 1984 the construction of a taller building began, finishing with One Liberty Place in 1987.  The second largest building in Philadelphia was completed in 1990, Two Liberty Place.  Since, several other buildings are now taller than City Hall.  The tallest is Comcast Center58-story, 297 m (974 ft) tower is the tallest building in Philadelphia and the fifteenth tallest building in the United States.  I have often thought of photographing these tall buildings from several POVs.  I have been in New Jersey on the often commuter congested highway route 42 traveling west towards Philadelphia and wanted to stop on the roadside to photograph the tops of those buildings just as they become visible over the horizon.  The same for distant POVs on other roads from all directions.  I would also walk in the neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia with those building looming in the distance or right there full out.  These are the kinds of POVs that could be explored or you could just go into your backyard and photograph a bush.

From Port Richmond

From Northern Liberites

From Graduate Hospital Area

From Bridesburg soon after Sunrise

From Fishtown soon after sunrise

From Fishtown

Before One Liberty Place or Comcast Center early 1970s from Old City rooftop on outdoor advertising structure

From Center City West
From Penn Treaty Park at Sunrise

From University City at Sunset

And don't forget the time of day, weather and seasons, too.  Think of Claude Monet and the Rouen Cathedral

Give yourself a project.  Get out there and make some images.

Does the sun orbit Earth or does Earth orbit the Sun?
Check out this POV

Hula Hoop Point of View

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