Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I joined Google+.         

I am not real happy with Facebook.  Of course the reason I don't like FB might have something to do with my low number of friends, 35.
Only allowing 35 friends into my FB life is my choice.  I really don't want the whole world to know what I am doing.  With Google+ I will be able to disseminate information to only those groups I think need to know, instead of that info going to the whole world.  My life can be a little private.  My children won't friend me on FB.  They want to keep certain things from me.  That's understandable.

The most annoying part of FB are the mundane entries friends post.  For example - "I scooped all the dog poop in the yard and started dinner".  Knowing that minutia, I might have to kill you.  Now if your dog poop turned to gold, that would be noteworthy.  

Or if Mario Batali picked up the dog poop in your yard before cooking dinner at your house, that would be noteworthy.  I wouldn't  need to kill you knowing that.  I would envy you.  

Only five friends in my Google+ world at the moment.  One of them is my son.  I need to invite more friends into my Google+ world.  I wonder if Mario would join my circle of friends?  We could travel around Spain together and eat tapas.  Nah!  I would need to be a beautiful young female of Eastern European decent for that.  Wait a minute!  I do meet one of those criteria.  I will work on the other three.  I will do some research to see if Mario is in the Google+ world.  I'll get back to you about me fulfilling the other three criteria and/or when I hear something on the Spain thing.

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