Friday, September 2, 2011

Greeting Card Universe Labor Day Sale

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Just received a post from Greeting Card Universe, where I have a storefront.  They are offering a special Labor Day Sale.  If you purchase 10 cards the price is reduced by near 30%.  There are over 400,000 card designs.  There should be something there for most everyone.  
Check out the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years cards.  These holidays are fast approaching.

Chanukkah Harry Is Coming to Town!  He's bringing the gelt, the dreidel and a reindeer antler menorah.  Remember to leave out a plate of hamentashen (he loves prune) and a glass of soy milk, real milk gives him gas.  Have a Happy Chrismakkah!

You could also become a card seller and earn some passive income.

Greeting Card Universe
Become a Greeting Card Universe card seller

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