Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Heavy Wet Hot Blanket is Difficult to Breath Under

Weather Underground
Summer arrived on 20 June. Counting 20 June the temperature has risen above 90ªF/32ºC on six of the eleven days to the end of the month.

It is hot.

Then there is the humidity.

I worked outdoors changing billboards for most of 34 years. Back in the 70's and early 80's, when we were still drinking at lunch, I remember the crew leaving an air conditioned bar after 4 or 5 cold mugs of beer. As soon as we walked through the doorway into the sun, it felt as though a heavy wet hot blanket was dropped on us. It was hot, sticky, hard to breath and it felt like a we were each carrying a ton of bricks on our shoulders.

Some of those times the crew just turned around and went back into the bar until it was time to drive the trucks back to the shop to clock out.

I don't miss working outside, at all!
July is just around the corner.
There are 31 days in July.
Historically, of those 31 days the record high for the day has risen above 100ºF/38ºC on 17 of those 31 days.

can't wait.

The heat is drying everything outdoors.
The grass is turning brown.
The garden needs to be watered frequently.

I guess it is a good thing the garden can't drive to the bar for lunch. It might never come back. 

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