Friday, June 1, 2012

Treasure Found In My Suburban Backyard

Just two months ago I buried snow pea seeds into my square foot garden plot. Starting last Sunday I found treasure. How much treasure you ask? I will be quantifying the weight of my treasure throughout the growing season. 

I began to weigh and record the treasure Sunday. Each harvest from the garden is weighed and recorded. The weight in grams is entered onto the spread sheet for the total output of my square foot garden (4'/ 1.2m x 4'/ 1.2m) plus the two potato towers and one potted Black Cherry Tomato plant.

As you can see from the chart above, a total of 172g or just a bit over 6oz. of snow peas was picked from the six 1'/ 30.5cm squares planted with snow peas.  That is a mere 3/8ths of my plot. I am wondering why I didn't plant all 16 squares with seeds. Next year.

The going rate for these sweet, crispy babies is around $5/quart, as of 20 May 2012 in Old City Philadelphia according to Robert's Market Report Blog. I harvested about half that amount and this is just the start of the season. Lots more treasure to find in my suburban backyard. More seeds to bury this weekend.

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