Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walls at Oaks Shopping Center

As of June 8, unlike the Uno site, there were no walls going up for buildings at Oaks Shopping Center.

There were other kinds of walls built at this site. There is a retaining wall parallel to Egypt Road. That can be seen in the foreground of the above photograph, just in front of the orange safety fence

Looking along Egypt Rd in the direction of Phoenixville, PA.

Above is looking at that same retaining wall from the other side of the safety fence.

There were two alcoves sculpted in the rear embankment on the site. Both of those alcoves can be seen in the backgrounds of each of the above photographs. I really don't know the functions of those alcove. Nor why one is much larger than the other.

There is another retaining wall along the site of the old railroad tracks that ran between the construction site and residential homes along Gumbes Road.

2.1"/53mm of rain fell on June 10 that can be seen here in the basin. I am sure that long wall will keep the residents yards from washing into the shopping center. 

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