Monday, March 21, 2011

hindsight is 20/20 cont'd

I get irritated when I am out shopping with my wife and she asks the sales person, "What do other people buy?"  I do a one eighty once I know what other people are doing.  I swim up stream, buck the system, am antiestablishment...  When I think back it may be because I was an outcast as a child.  Once I past my fifth birthday I was overweight.  I was chosen last when it came to neighborhood games.  It was only when there was an odd number of kids to play a game that they knocked on my door to see if I would come out to play.  I was beat up a few times because they could, ridiculed because of my fatness, by total strangers even.  The kids were worse.  I was also smart, which wasn't so valued on the street or in school for that matter.  I think these type incidents made me what I am, consciously different than the pack.

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