Sunday, May 8, 2011

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I was in the produce area in my nearby supermarket the other day.  I was purchasing salad components, leafy greens, bell peppers, sweet onions, mushrooms, carrots and moving down the aisle when I arrived at packaged herbs.  There were several "fresh" herbs in small plastic clam shell like containers.  I had no idea how old these fresh herbs were in the clear plastic but I kind of thought they were expensive.

Now that the last frost date is approaching, I have been shopping for flowers in home centers and garden supply stores.  I noticed that small herb plants are in abundant supply, at a reasonable price.  A price less than the containerized fresh herbs in the supermarket.  I probably wouldn't use all of the packaged herbs at one time.  I might even waste some of them.  In my mind, it makes more sense to buy the plants and place them directly into the garden.  Then use what you need from the living plant (can't get much fresher than that) allow the plant  to grow and replenish itself to use throughout the next four months.

Ok, you might not have a garden plot in which to place the herb.  You can place the plant into a larger pot and find an area to create an herb garden in containers.  Think of the butterflies and bees the herbs will attract that will entertain you with their natural splendor.  What a potential for photography.  All you need at that point in time is a macro lens and patients.

                                  Bee on Thai Basil in August

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