Monday, May 2, 2011

Captured by the Moon

I am drawn to photograph the full moon, as are the oceans drawn to the moon.  A full moon appears every 29.5305882 days, one lunar cycle or lunation.  Even though this happens like clockwork, many obstacles get in the way of my capturing full moon images.  The most common obstacle is the weather, with clouds often blotting out the light.  Of course, not having a camera in my hands runs a close second with not being available a decent third.  None the less, I am drawn.

The moon has powerful effects on the earth

Gravity effects the fluids on earth as manifested in tides.   

Human female reproductive cycles are often related to the effects of gravity, much like tides.  The human female reproductive cycle mimics lunation and in many cultures the moon is a female deity.

Shape-shifting is induced by the effects of a full moon bringing werewolves out of seemingly normal people.

The indigenous people of North America named each full moon throughout the year.

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