Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photograph to Greeting Card

I have always thought I could design greeting cards.  I have a different idea of what a greeting card might be.  So about 1-1/2 years ago I saw and ad on FB and now I have quite a few designs for sale.
Greeting Card Universe is the site with my store being dativer greeting cards.  I started using photographic images I already had on file.  I expanded my line by doing some graphic image designs and some with just text that I manipulated in Photoshop.

As you read back in my early posts, I am always thinking and I think in images.  Twice a day I pass this old farmhouse with a barn.  I needed to photograph this house.  Near the road in front of the house there was a large bank of daffodils that was quickly nearing the end of their blooming days.  Some of the flowers were already missing petals or dry.  I knew I didn't have much time. I took notice of the address and did some research via google to find the owner's name and telephone number.  Last week before the rain and winds blew all the petals from the daffodils, I telephoned, introduced myself and asked for permission to photograph the house.  The owner agreed only wanting a print or greeting card in trade for permission.  I advised when I could expected and that I would be wearing a HiViz vest because the house is on the bend in a busy road with no sidewalks and I would be walking along the narrow to nonexistent shoulder.

I parked about 100 yds up the road on the last bit of shoulder available and began my walk along the edge of the road in the same direction of traffic flow.  I began photographing the house and grounds from different points of view, up, down and across the road.  I wish I had been there earlier in the day when the sunlight would have shown more on the house.  You know what they say about hindsight.  So I grabbed what I could and walked back to my car.  I need to return early next April.

Here is one of the images as seen in the viewfinder

This is the first possible greeting card design

I now need to compose or find a poem/verse for the inside of the card.  (I will find a verse that is no longer copyright protected.)  It is a fact that cards with inside verses sell better.  It is like songwriting where you need words that fit the music.  I need words that fit the image and the occasion.

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