Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Layers

I was born in a hospital in the Olney section of Philadelphia and raised in South Philadelphia.  I purchased my first house in East Mt. Airy, where I grew up.  My next door neighbor helped with the growing up part.  I now live in the NW Philadelphia suburbs with my family.  The suburbs is no where near the friendly neighborhood of E. Mt. Airy and we miss that.  It is more of a bedroom community where it is necessary to own an automobile, or two, or three or, for awhile, four.  I traveled 35 miles one way each day to work for near ten years.  Back five yrs ago with gasoline at $4.00 per gallon and $3.00 per day in tolls and all the mileage on my automobile, I quit that job.  Now I travel just 4.5 miles to work one way five days per wk.  I took a large pay cut in the process.  

We are getting our house ready for sale.  Probably put it on the market mid-winter 2012.  We have been looking at communities from Wayne County, PA to just around the corner.  We want less grass to mow, a smaller house with less expenses and maintenance.  Someplace where the township is all built up and the school taxes probably won't increase exponentially.  We are old you know.

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