Monday, April 4, 2011

If You Don't Use It...

I started to draw a scene for my "Equality" series of photographs.  I sat down with a paper and pencil and tried to draw.  Just let me say that I haven't got it anymore.  My drawing was never fine but rough is being polite.  I can see myself back in 7th grade art class with Mr. Leiberman.

Practice makes perfect.  I was never good at practicing anything.  It is going to be expensive if I don't draw up some scenes.  Maybe I need some good art pencils and drawing paper and about 40 hrs of drawing to feel at ease again.

I would rather just gather the models and the props, arrange them and start pushing the shutter button.  Collaboration adds to the project.  Good models are a plus.  Of course, money will help, lots.

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