Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earn and Save Money on Moolala

A few months ago I came across Moolala.   From the start I saw the enormous potential in this new site.
Like GrouponKGB, and Living SocialMoolala offers daily deals on items and services such as vacations, jewelry, home decor, spa days, etc.  Unlike other sites Moolala does not pay for advertising, instead they profit share with their members.  This means for deal you buy you get back 2% in cash.  To get the word out about their company they give you 2% cash back for deal people you refer to buy as well.  To sweeten the deal they pay 2% 5 levels deep.  So you 1, your friend 2, your friend’s friend 3, your friend’s friend’s friend 4, your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend 5.
If you sign up for Moolala and send out your link to 10 friends who also sign up and in turn send out their link to 10 friends, who send out their link to 10 friends, and send out their link to 10 friends.  At the end of this if everyone signed up you would have 100,000 friends under you possibly buying deals and passively earning you cash just for you sending out a few emails.
Is this a pyramid scheme?
No, because it’s free to sign up and you never have to buy anything.  You can earn money from others buying deals without ever buying one yourself.  Or you could use the money you earn to buy a deal when one which you find interesting comes along.
If you are not in the US deals have not started in your area yet.  However, I suggest getting a network of people under you now, perhaps if you know people in the US share the info with them so they can start to save and earn.  Having a network before Moolala launches in your country does two things, one it makes it easier for the company to get deals in your country as a large base of people to potentially buy a product and two you will have people in your pay matrix before they hear about Moolala in everyday conversation and are already signed up.

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