Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Greeting Card Sales - Funny or Not?

My family tells me I am not funny, at all.  They insist I stop trying.  I, on the other hand, don't respect their opinions.

A few years ago I saw an advertisement for a greeting card website on Facebook; Greeting Card Universe.  I clicked on the link and was drawn to their search for greeting card creators.  I have always thought that was something I could do.  I did some further reading, joined and opened my own storefront.  I spent hours and hours going through my photographic files looking for some images I might use to create greeting cards.  It is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I tend to have a, shall I say, strange, dark, perverse sense of humor,  a dry, sarcastic, esoteric, sense of humor.  Some say, off the wall.  With that in mind, I created several greeting cards.
I think back to the reasons I married you  You still have four out of five  and that ain't bad 

Not all of my cards are off the wall.  Some are traditional and sentimental.  As is the one below.  The one with the red letters was my original creation.  Upon seeing that, a customer requested I make a few changes, which I did.  Once edited, the customer made a purchase.

My original design

The inside verse reads:


My edited buyer version

The edited inside verse reads:

His peace will soon dawn upon the world
and all our human family from every time and circumstance
will be healed and blessed beyond our highest 

I sold 50 of the above edited cards to that customer.  The card isn't funny but it was a sale.

The inside verse reads:
Chanukkah Harry is Coming To Town!
He's bringing the gelt, the dreidel
and a reindeer antler menorah.
Remember to leave out
a plate of hamentashen (he loves
prune) and a glass of soy milk, real milk gives him gas.
Have a Happy Chrismakkah!

The week before Thanksgiving Day this year, I received notice I sold 40 cards of the above design.  This purchase tells me there are some people on this earth, unlike my family, that think I am funny.  At least somewhat funny.

©Damyon T. Verbo - all rights researved

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