Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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I worked four hours the day of my flight to London.  I arrived home early to finish packing.  I made lists of each bag's contents.  These check lists are to be sure I don't forget anything I need going and that I return with the same items.  There is nothing worse than leaving an important item behind only to have it delayed in shipping or spend time to go back and get it.

I loaded up my Santa Fe and was off to Wawa to purchase fuel.
The price of gasoline was $3.36-9/10 per gallon.

Fuel is sold by the liter in UK and is the same per liter in British pounds as it is here in US dollars.  The pound is worth 1.5 times the dollar.  So the conversion for £3.67 would be $5.23.  One US gallon = 3.785 liters.  Therefore, the cost of gasoline in UK is equivalent to $19.79/gal.  Is there any wonder the cars are so small, the public transportation system so great and the use of taxis so prevalent?

The trip to  Payless Valet Parking took forty-five minutes.
I unloaded my Santa Fe, processed the paperwork, loaded the van and was on my way to PHL in 10 minutes, at most.

I was dropped at the BA terminal, shared with US Airways.  I joined the longest line to check-in with BA.  

In less than 10 minutes my stow away bag was weighed, tagged and on its way to the belly of the plane.  I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get to security.

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