Thursday, November 24, 2011

Overnight Camp Counselor 1969

Camp Rockhill - "Health & Happiness in the Highlands"

After my first year of college, fellow thespians from the Central High School dramatics club, talked me into being a counselor at an overnight camp.
It was a co-ed camp.  It was the summer of Woodstock, 1969.  

It was the summer man first set foot on the Moon.  It was 47 miles from Philadelphia; in the woods.  It was a twenty-four hours a day job for eight weeks.  Pay wasn't so good when you divided it by 1,344 work hours. 
Source:Ilene Goldman Litz

did have a room that I shared with just ten eight-nine year olds 
and another counselor.  The building was the shape of the letter H.  
Our bunk was connected with the ten/eleven year olds bunk and 
their two counselors, by a doorless shower room and four toilets. 
 Privacy didn't exist in the bunks.

Camp had girls and girl counselors. on the other side of the field, 
that we saw everyday.  The fields were dark enough at night that 
you couldn't see anyone.  

Rockhill was where the children were Jewish and I was not.  
I will never forget my days with those schmucks at Camp Rockhill - "Health & Happiness in the Highlands"

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