Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project FeederWatch

I installed the time lapse camera on my breakfast room window this morning. This is the start of fall and winter bird watching from the comfort of my house. This reminded me to re-join Project FeederWatch.

In the line of view of the Brino TLC 100 was one Nyjer / Black Thistle seed sock. The camera started recording at 10:00 EDT/ -5 GMT.

Sporadically through the day, finches came and plucked Nyjer seeds through the material of the sock. They clung to the sock in all positions, including upside-down. Sometimes three birds at a time.

There was one twenty-four minute part of the recording that was very active, starting at 18:45. You can see Goldfinch and House Finch feeding on the Nyjer seeds. If you look past the feeder onto the grass you can see several English Starlings pecking about the lawn, if I may call it a lawn. There wasn't much time before sunset. I guess even birds like to bed with a full stomach.

I have become interested in bird watching over the last few years. In November of last year, I joined Project FeederWatch. It is a citizen scientist project in USA and Canada that runs from November 'til April, when regular folk like myself count birds at their bird feeders. The data collected helps scientists monitor long-term trends in the distribution and abundance of birds in winter.
You can join, too. Just click on the above link.

When you join you will need to pay a participation fee to cover the costs of the kit and services to Cornell University's, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The kit contains a large poster to help you with bird identification and instructions on collecting, keeping and sending data to Cornell University.

This could be a great opportunity to share the wonder of nature with your children, grandchildren or anyone for that matter, as you watch birds feed just outside your window. I recommend joining now. The kits will arrive in October. Then all you will you need is a feeder or two. Which you could make, but that is another subject.

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