Saturday, September 22, 2012

Valley Forge Survey - Maurice Stephens House

Near sunset I arrived at Valley Forge National Historical Park to continue my photographic survey. There wasn't much time before the sunlight would be gone. The landscape is such that to the west were tall trees and elevated ground that already blocked direct sunlight to the low lying areas. I had to work fast.

I drove a complete circuit around the park looking for the best location to take advantage of the setting sun. By the time I completed the circuit, the warm golden sunlight no longer draped the landscape. 

Across the road from the Washington Memorial Chapel, I spied the house shown in the photographs below, Maurice Stephens House.
Although this very house did not exist during the winter of 1777-1778 during the encampment of the Continental Army, General Huntington's quarters were in a log structure on a farm that occupied this area.

The waxing moon floated above the tree.

I am attracted by the moon. I try to include it as much as possible.

There is quite a bit to photograph in 3,500 acres / 1,400 ha!

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