Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mid-September Harvest

I picked more fruit from the vines today and a beautiful day it was. High temperature was 81ºF/27ºC with mostly sunny skies. Night before the temperature dipped to 61ºF/15ºC. For tomato ripening, the daytime temperature was great, overnight temperature is low and will retard or stop ripening. Tomato harvesting will not last much longer. 

Above you see cucumber, cayenne peppers, Big Beef, Super Sweet and Husky Cherry tomatoes. I also harvested two Early Girl tomatoes.

I have been recording the weights of all the garden's produce since planting the first seeds back in March. I was and am curious to see just how much a 4' x 4' garden will produce and which were the most prolific plants. I will put up some charts once harvesting has ended. In the mean time, I will enjoy eating the harvest.

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