Monday, November 12, 2012

ABC 6 Action News, Maybe

Last winter, during a winter snow storm while I was shoveling snow from my driveway, I looked up to see my neighbor, from directly across the road, carrying a huge video camera crossing the road in my direction. He has a position with a company that produces the intro to the news programs at the ABC-TV affiliate in Philadelphia.

He requested my permission to video me for the intro that may be used winter of next year. I gave my permission and he recorded me as I shoveled. He directed I throw the snow in his direction as I smiled. I was already breathing and shoveling and he was requesting me add two more actions? I agreed to try. 

At that time I was wearing a fleece ski cap, a fleece jacket, fleece gloves and a fleece neck gaiter. The only flesh visible was between the top of the neck gaiter covering my lips and my eyebrows. I don't think anyone, not even close family members, will recognize me as the shoveler when seen on TV.

Yesterday, as I used my electric leaf blower to gather leaves in my front yard into piles, I looked up to see the same neighbor crossing the road in my direction with the huge video camera. He had been out and about looking for people doing fall activities. He captured every fall activity except one. All he needed was someone blowing leaves. There I was blowing leaves. Kismet.

If this clip is included in the intro next autumn,  I believe people will recognize me. I wasn't wearing a cap, jacket, gloves or neck gaiter. They'll see the top of my old balding head, my fat face and big belly. Undeniably me.

I was directed to stand behind the collected elongated leaf pile and sweep the blower left to right and back as I blew the leaves. The leaves fluttered to rest atop the pile. Several times my neighbor gave me hand signals and I saw his lips moving. Each time I turned off the blower to hear his directions- bigger sweeps, faster, slower, smile, look directly at the camera. I tried by hardest. Whether I met his expectations or wore him down, he claimed we were finished.

I stopped my neighbor as he started off towards home. I turned the tables and asked permission to photograph him for my blog. He agreed. That's what neighbors are for.

I will need to wait until next autumn to see if this clip is included in ABC-TV 6 News intro. That's a whole year. I may be dead by then. Of course, the snow shoveling clip captured last winter is due out the Monday before the winter solstice. I should be around for that.

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