Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Views in Oaks, PA

Intersection of Egypt and Black Rock Roads from Bob Evans parking lot
For well over five years there has been talk of more commercial building on Egypt Road, in Oaks, PA. In the last month there is evidence of such development. The wooded lot was cleared between Black Rock Rd. and US 422 on the west side of Egypt Rd.

Looking east from Black Rock Road towards US 422
The talk on the street is that a Chicago Grill will be the first restaurant built. Originally Chili's was to go in first, but what ever reason, they delayed their efforts. Chili's may still be built but Chicago Grill will be ringing the register first.

Across Black Rock Road from the Chicago Grill site is the reputed site of a Super Wawa, and some restaurant(s)/commercial buildings. This site was cleared well over two years ago and has laid fallow for as long. There was some infrastructure work done over that time, but not much. The lot includes the Oaks Gardens business at the very far edge of the photograph. Oaks Gardens will be history when work begins in ernest.

So much time has past since the original Wawa development sign went up that it has since blown down. There doesn't seem to be any urgent reason to reinstall it.

If I may go back to the Chicago Grill site for a moment, I want to mention the view of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. I am not sure if this view of the church was ever available. There were quite a few trees between Egypt Rd. and the church. The view is available now and it is quite a sight. 

Enjoy it while it lasts. Neon will block the view soon enough.

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