Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Snow Valley Forge Park

I found time to visit Valley Forge National Historical Park to capture the first appreciable snowfall for the fall of 2012 on 27 Nov. All the roads that run through the park were barricaded by the park rangers except PA rtes 23 and 252. I could walk into the park but not drive. Some of the parking lots were cleared of snow and open. I chose to park in the lot near Knox's Quarters, also know as Valley Forge Farm, along rte 252. These photographs were taken within easy walking distance from that lot.
PA rte 252 looking southbound towards the Outer Line Defenses
Valley Forge Farm  (Knox's Quarters) along PA rte 252

Valley Forge Farm (Knox's Quarters) from the north
Valley Forge Farm (Knox's Quarters) from the south
Log huts across from Knox's Quarters along PA rte 252 and J.P. Martin Trail seen from the trail along 252
Log huts seen from J.P. Martin Trail along South Outer Line Drive
PA rte 252 looking north from J.P. Martin Trail terminus in parking lot near Knox's Quarters

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