Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Good Day in Valley Forge Park

I was in Valley Forge Park the other day hoping to capture some images before sunset. When I set outat 16:15, the clouds were dramatically lit, but by the time I reached the park the sun was already below the hills to the west and no direct sunlight reached the ground.

White Tailed Deer  buck checking the wellbeing of his doe downhillAs I drove along South Inner Line Drive, I noticed in my rear view mirror behind me several deer descended the hill, crossed the drive and continued down towards the log huts near PA rte 252. I got out of my car to grab a photo of the fallen tree that I thought was blown down by Super Storm Sandy. Once out of my car the one buck trailing the doe stopped, just behind the fallen tree. Even though it saw me, it didn't flee. It was watching me. It seemed to be guarding his doe. It stayed there for a few minutes, watching, guarding.

At that point in time there were several thoughts going through my head.

  1. Don't get too close to this deer with sharp horns on its head
  2. It is rutting season and the buck is in a possessive mood
  3. It might attack me
  4. An attack would cause pain
  5. I don't like pain
  6. This could be dangerous
  7. This is exciting
  8. There is no one else around
  9. If I were lying on the ground in pain and bleeding could I get to my mobile phone easily
  10. If all else fails and I am on the ground in pain and bleeding, the park ranger will find me when he closes the drive after dark
  11. My health care is paid up
  12. I hope my camera isn't damaged in the impending attack
I turned to find a location along the drive to capture a few photographs of the log huts. A car to two drove past as I had the camera to my eye. When I looked back towards the fallen tree, the buck was gone. I shed no blood and had a few photographs, my camera was still in good condition and the buck had his doe. It was a good day.

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