Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Produce Harvested from Garden as of July 30

I have been keeping track of all the produce harvested from my raised bed square foot garden, with the exception of lettuce. Following are the vegetable varieties and their weights harvested since the first planting/transplanting into the garden on 20 April 2013. 
Clockwise from the top - Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter and Rutgers

Starting with the most total weight to the least:

  1. Mortgage Lifter Tomato - Heirloom 4.291kg/9.46lbs
  2. Cherokee Purple Tomato - Heirloom 3.334kg/6.82lbs
  3. Tami G Grape Tomato - 1.088kg/2.23lbs
  4. Rutgers Tomato - Heirloom - 0.589kg/1.21lbs
  5. Anaheim Pepper - 0.305kg/0.62lbs
  6. Sweet Red Bell Pepper - 0.274kg/0.56lbs
  7. Sweet 100 Grape Tomato - 0.267kg/0.55lbs
  8. Mucho Nacho JalapeƱo Peppers - 0.255kg/0.52lbs
  9. Carmen Pepper - 0.09kg/0.18lbs
  10. Kaleidoscope Carrots - 0.067kg/0.14lbs
Total weight of all produce through July 29 2013 from two 4' x 4'/ 1.219m x 1.219m raised beds was 11.034kg/23.26lbs.

That is an amazing amount of produce for July here in USDA zone 6B. It must be a combination of the raised bed, non-soil planting mixture, red plastic mulch, ambient temperatures and earlier than normal planting/transplanting. No matter what the reasons I am happy with production. I have the tomato seeds running down my chin to prove it.

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