Monday, August 5, 2013

Oaks Construction - Beginning of August 2013

Chicago Grill as viewed from Bob Evans parking lot
The construction is moving alone. All the walls are up at Chicago Grill-Pizzeria Uno. Fake stone work is being done on the lower part of the exterior walls. From Egypt Road I can see plastic pipes growing out of the floor inside the walls.

The bank site is on the right of this photograph with Wawa site to the left.

Originally the opening for the Oaks Shopping Center was Fall of 2013. 

Wawa site on the right side of this photograph with Buffalo Wild Wings site on the far left. A tall retaining wall was built between the shopping center and the houses on Gumbes Rd. A white fence was recently installed atop that retaining wall. Both the wall and the fence can be seen behind the Buffalo Wild Wings site.
The roads near the intersection of Black Rock and Egypt Roads are being enlarged, as seen in the photograph above and those below.
A lane has been added to the westbound exit of US 422.

Two lanes have been added to the eastbound exit/entrance of US 422.
Fall is not quite two months away and lasts another 90 some days. 
It is possible completion of this project will happen before Christmas.

We shall see.

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