Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oaks Deli and Pizzeria to Lose Patio

Oaks Deli and Pizzeria is another day closer to having its patio trimmed.

19 August 2013

20 August 2013

If those white lines in the photograph above are any indication, when the patio gets trimmed there won't be any al fresco dining at Oaks Deli and Pizzeria. It will be a challenge just to enter the store.

Oaks Deli and Pizzeria from the Oaks Shopping Center construction site, 20 August 2013.
I wonder why the pizzeria is still standing. It makes more sense traffic-wise and business-wise to demolish the building and have the pizzeria move to one of the shops in the rear of the new shopping center. The traffic will flow better. The pizzeria will have a brand new building with loads of accessible parking.

Who am I to make those decisions?

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