Monday, September 15, 2014

Oaks Buffalo Wild Wings Opening Special

I stopped by the soon to open Buffalo Wild Wings on Wed this week.  My intention was to see if BWW had any opening specials for new customers as did Uno last winter. Uno handed discount coupons to anyone who visited just before opening.

I was lead to assistant manager Danielle who was obviously concentrating on getting BWW open. She told me the only opening special was the free snack wings for a year presented to the first 100 customers at 10:00 on Monday morning September 22. The conversation ended there with a long stretch of silence. I thanked her and headed outside to get some photographs of the 13 big screen TVs hanging outside on the radiant heated patio.

The TVs are arranged in three groupings. As seen in this photograph the nearest has 3, the middle 6 and the farthest 4. Because of the orientation of the patio many of these TVs will have glare on them in the daytime. The TVs facing Egypt Rd and Wendy's suffer with occasional headlight glare at night.

The radiant heater can be seen on the open side of the covered patio facing in and down. A friend was wondering if there would be any temporary rain curtain on the open side? I think plastic curtains may be too close to the heaters.

It will only be one week before BWW opens. Then we will see the end results.

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