Friday, September 5, 2014

Oaks Buffalo Wild Wings Opens 22 Sept 2014

If you are driving on Egypt Road, west of US 422, you can't miss the Buffalo Wild Wings at the Oaks Shopping Center in Oaks, PA. The yellow exterior of the building jumps up like a flagman wearing a traffic yellow jumpsuit. The exterior seems complete. The interior of the building is still under construction. If you have been waiting for this place to open, take a deep breath because the anticipation is nearly over.

Job applications are currently being accepted. Employee training starts on Wednesday, 10 September 2014.  Buffalo Wild Wings starts serving Monday 22 September 2014.

Here is an interesting fact as printed on the banner shown above: The first 100 guests receive a coupon book for free snack wings for a year. That should create some excitement.

I can see the line forming now. Friday night a few stalwart wingsmen begin to gather. It's not long before a line takes shape at the door. Aluminum lawn chairs squeak open, nylon pup tents pop-up, acoustic guitars are strumming and singing fills the air. 

No wait a minute that was the Philadelphia Folk Festival a couple of weeks ago. Replace the pup tents, guitars and singing with sports talk radio, plastic ponchos and mobile phones.

Almost two days later, at 10am, Buffalo Wild Wings opens for service and the first 100 guests receive the coupon books.

There will be no turning back after that. Hot wings, cold beer and exciting sports pumping out of nearly 65 big screen TVs, inside and out! What more could a guy ask for? Well maybe the men's room.

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