Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brinno - Bird Feeder 15Feb2012

I was able to get the Brinno TLC 100 to work.  I downloaded the .exe file from the Brinno website on the Support page and dragged that, without any changes made in WinOnX, into the flash drive.  Then inserted the flash drive into the TLC 100.  It must have been the changes I made to the app in WinOnX that caused it to  malfunction once in the camera.  I am still not able to change the date or time stamp, however.

I placed the camera outside and energized it today at 06:35 GMT-5hrs.  At 04:11 a squirrel make an appearance and stays until 04:19

At least I have the camera functioning.  I have the time lapse set at 5 second intervals.

Batteries are going to cost me plenty through the summer.

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