Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Workplace Archetypes - Complainer

I've held a few jobs titles in my life.

Newspaper delivery boy**
Lumber yard gopher**
Chicken catcher/vaccinator
Sausage maker**
Overnight camp counselor
Grocery clerk
Portrait photographer
MLM sales
Sign maker/erector*
Retail sales

I held one steady full time job for 34 years* (give or take several years off for work related injuries, illness and vacation days).  I have been a photographer on and off part-time for over 40 years.  All the other jobs were held for 6 months or less, several were only for a few weeks**.  If I sat down and counted the total number of people with whom I have worked, it must be in the high hundreds.  When I look back, no matter where I worked or what I did, I found certain workplace archetypes at each and every job.  

The second workplace archetype is  THE COMPLAINER

If there is one archetype at every job, it is THE COMPLAINER.  Every job has a complainer and when that complainer leaves someone steps up to fill that position.  There will always be a complainer in a workplace.

Unknown Source
I am not sure why the complainer complains but I think, they are asking for attention.  Only polite people, or want-to-be-complainers, tolerate the complaining.  The complainer feels superior to them.  Who better to prey upon?  Complainers climb upon the mounds of polite people and want-to-bes to keep their heads above the clouds.  They must always keep site of Mt. Olympus.

If the reigning complainer is fired, quits, dies or joins Zeus and Hera, a new complainer immediately crawls out from the wiggling mound to fill the void.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  It is just the natural order of the Kosmos.

You just need to learn to deal with the complainers.

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