Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planets Aligning - Late Winter 2012

Arriving home about 19:00, I saw two bright objects in the western sky and wondered which planet was so bright near Venus.

Upon logging into my iMac, I received an email from NASA about the alignment of several planets.  A video explains that continuing into March near sunset each night, several planets and for a few days a crescent moon, will be aligned in the western sky.  
Each night the planets will move closer and closer to each other.  Then on the nights of March 12th and 13th they will be just 3 degrees apart.  That is less that the width of a pair of your outstretched finger tips.

Here is the link to a website that explains the heavenly phenomenon.
Now I know which planet shown so brightly tonight.

Check out the video above, then make plans to view the alignments with your children.

It also sounds like quite a few photographic opportunities.  Get out your camera and tripod.

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