Friday, May 11, 2012

May Blossoms

The tulips, crocus, muscari, snow drops, dwarf iris have finished blooming. Here are a few photographs taken within the last few days of currently blooming perennials.

Same allium days later

Oriental Poppies planted by the road. Waiting for the DEA to swoop in

Rescued in NJ from the bulldozer at a Lowe's building site. Not sure, I think they are  Spiderwort

 Salvia officinalis ("common sage"). Wintered over to flower.

 Salvia officinalis ("common sage")

 Salvia officinalis ("common sage")

Hardy Geranium:Wargrave Pink
Honeysuckle:Alabama Crimson. No hummingbirds seen, yet.
Sambucus Black Lace

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