Sunday, May 13, 2012

Make Wire Supports For Your Garden

There are times when plants in your garden will need support. This post will show you how to make wire plant supports from readily available wire fencing.

The snow peas in my plot will soon need support. These supports were made for snow peas and can be used for other plants. The idea is that the plant will grew through the top of the support. The wire cube will provide the needed support.

There remained a piece of wire fencing from the no dig potato cage blogged about earlier. The rectangles in the fencing measure 2"(50mm) x 3"(76mm). The roll of fencing is 36"(91cm) wide.

Cut the fencing from one end so that there is 12"(38cm) of closed rectangles by the width of the roll, 36"(91cm).

Cut the wire midway into the next rectangle.

There will be 2"(50mm) of extra wire on each side.

Cut as many 3'(91cm) x 1'(38cm) pieces as supports needed.

A 12"(38cm) length of wood is needed to fold the wire sides. 
Use the wood block as a metal brake is used to bend sheet metal.

Bend both sides of the support that there are three sides of a cube measuring 12"(38cm) on each side.

Next, place the supports over each square planted with peas.

I turned the supports that I may easily reach in them from one side of the plot. With all the Norway Maples in my yard I need to clear out maple seeds constantly. Weeding will be possible, too.
 This corner support I turned 90ยบ because it felt right.

I will update when the peas grow above the wire supports.

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