Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Children Are In London During the Olympics

I drove my youngest two children to Newark Airport Monday, 23 July. They are going to visit their elder sister in London while the Olympic games are in town. I am not what you might call vaguely interested in sports. But, I wouldn't mind being on my way to London.

They will stay with their sister and her husband in Hackney Wick. Their apartment is just across the river Lea from the Olympic Village. The olympic park can't be more than 100 yards from their apartment window.

The closest Overland station is a very short walk from their apartment complex. Hackney Wick station is the last station before Stratford station, the prime olympic gateway.

The four of them, my children and my son-in-law have tickets to only one olympic event, ladies soccer. I don't even know which teams will be on the field. I am not very interested in sports.

They do have six dinner reservations at the Chase/Visa lounge, however. Chase opened a lounge at 116 Pall Mall in London's West End. At the lounge, Iron Chef Morimotto and his crew will be preparing dinner for Chase/Visa card holders. Each card holder may make two reservations for six people at each sitting. Each of my three children has a Chase/Visa card. That means each child has reservations for six people at two sittings. The kicker is that everything, food and drink, is free in the lounge.

Chase is also inviting olympic athletes to the lounge. I hope my children took their collection of Wheaties boxes to be signed by the likes of swimmers Jenny Thompson, Gary Hall, Jr, and Summer Sanders, and gymnasts Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner and Kerri Strug. 

If I were a sports fan I know I would be thrilled with a chance to be in the same room as these athletes. Since I am not, I'd be there everyday for the free free and drink. Of course, I would have my camera.

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