Monday, July 16, 2012

Photo Safari - Chestnut Hill Business District

The dativer photo safari for August will be in the beautiful village of Chestnut Hill. Studded with wonderful architecture from the turn of the 20th century, Chestnut Hill offers enormous photographic opportunities. If you wish to become a better photographer, the relaxed atmosphere of this photo safari will be a great no-stress venue to learn.

Antique Post Card of Chestnut Hill Business District
Join the dativer safari on Saturday August 11 in Chestnut Hill in the northwest extreme of Philadelphia.

Antique Post Card of Mermaid Inn Lower Chestnut Hill 
What is a photo safari? It is a group of photographers on a walk in an interesting location accompanied by qualified photographer guides. Photographer guides supply tips on composition, lighting and exposure and customize the session to your level of photographic skills.

Chestnut Hill's Quaint SEPTA Station, Photograph by Smallbones (Courtesy of Smallbones)
Learn to create better photographs while exploring historic Chestnut Hill business district.
For more information write to or call 484-433-2282 today.

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