Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring 2013 in Oaks, PA

The economy is still crawling along. Nonetheless, spring arrived this morning with not so much as a fair-thee-well. 

I thought I would grab a couple of photographs of the home improvement store in Oaks. They have been geared up for spring since the beginning of March. 

The weather has been capricious with quite a bit of snow and rain this month. Still, there was a phalanx of riding movers in front of the store ready and awaiting commands.

Unlike their walk behind snow throwers that just a few weeks earlier stood at attention in the very spot these sexy machines now stand, the brightly colored seductive seats of these beauties beckon the passerby to climb atop them, sink into their folds and give them a little bounce.

That should get the economy going.

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