Thursday, March 14, 2013

Persephone Breathes Color into the Garden

Twenty-five days have elapsed since Hades released Persephone from the underworld and I saw her head pushing up the soil in my garden. Cold and wet days have poured in to fill the gap since. Now the daughter of Demeter breathes brilliant life back into the garden.

Dwarf Iris
I have always loved spring flowering bulbs. Plant them in the fall and the garden's winter palette of dull grays and browns changes to brilliant hues of purples, blues, pinks and yellows. 

Crocus and dwarf iris are the first to bloom in my garden. My  preference has changed from crocus to the dwarf iris. You must admit, they are beautiful.

Not that I don't like crocus. I do. Look at the complexity of the petals, the shape of the pistil and color of the stamen. Marvelous. 

Muscarii in the foreground and Jonquil in the background
If you don't have spring flowering bulbs planted in your garden, I have a suggestion. Travel around your neighborhood or town and look to see what others have done with their spring flowering bulbs. If you don't know the name of a flower you like, knock on the owner's door and ask. Photograph the garden bed and research online. There is no better time to plan next years spring bulb garden than right now.

Gardening doesn't get any easier than planting spring flowering bulbs. I used more time and energy choosing which bulbs to plant than planting the actual bulbs. For a small amount of physical labor you will receive years and years of pleasure. A tremendous ROI.

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