Saturday, October 29, 2011

Damentions Stats

I am often surprised when I really look at the numbers in my stats.
I am surprised that:
Macintosh Classic
51% of the all the page views were done on a Mac

(I am and have always been a Mac user; always a minority.  If Mac use continues to grow, I may need to drop out and join a back to nature commune, again.)

96 page views from non-English speaking countries
38 Germany   ich nie nicht wissen 
17 Netherlands
14 Russia  я никогда не знать
8 Singapore
7 India
6 France   je jamais ne pas savoir
1 Saudi Arabia
(I cannot speak another language [although I studied Russian for two years in HS] and here are people from non-English speaking countries reading my posts.  Of course, now, there is Google Reader.)

Goldminer with tools
There are other nuggets in the stats.  I need to go back into the mines.

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