Monday, October 10, 2011

Photographer Tells All

I decided to tell all of you a little more about myself.  Letting down my guard, as it were.

source:Pacific Rim Camera

I have been exposing photo-sensitive surfaces via cameras for some 50+ years.  I started with my parents twin lens reflex Kodak Brownie.  Initially, I was most fascinated with the ability to use the camera to tell lies, make visual illusions.  There was a problem of twin lens paralax that got in the way of creating those illusions.  Once in the darkroom, I was smitten.  Watching the latent image slowly appear on the photographic paper under the developer was magical.

As a high school graduation gift I received my very own 35mm camera.  A Mamiya 1000TL single lens reflex with an internal match needle spot metering exposure system.  The SLR solved the paralax problem in the Brownie.  In the mean time I found Edward Weston.  I photographed several weddings and was awarded a few ribbons with that camera.  
Mamiya 645 1000
I moved up to a Mamiya 645 1000 about 1980 using it to photograph several more weddings and many family, individual, school and business portraits.

In 1995 tragedy struck my family when we lost our 15 year old son to a brain tumor.  I stopped photographing.  The last day of 1995 I had a discussion with a friend that sparked my desire to pick up my camera again.  However, the cost of silver based film, its development and proofing skyrocketed which kept me from practicing my beloved craft.

The last day of 1996 I purchased a Nikon D70s digital camera and have not used film since.  I produced several personal photographic projects over the last six years.  I also do commercial work through North American Dispatch Photographers Networka network of fast response photographers throughout North American.  I use my photographs in greeting card designs on sale at Greeting Card Universe.  I believe that unless I go blind, I will ever stop creating photographs.

Please follow me here or join me at Google+.  There is still more to tell.

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